From afar, Rockford/Northern Illinois originals are watching their ultimate favorite fast food joint starting to pop up locations outside of Illinois and it's weird.

It's a major win for the company but those whole bleed 815 might be a bit salty by the news.

However, this could totally be spun into a situation similar to discovering a band before they made it big, there are bragging rights involved for sure.


The one thing we have that people living near the new locations don't are the lifelong memories of their roast beef and cheddar fries.

If you live in or around Rockford there is a solid chance Beef-A-roo has been around for longer than you've been alive- that's not something you can buy.

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Beef-A-Roo's menu has always been consistent with delicious food and treats but, for me, nothing can top my comfort meal - cheddar fries with a chocolate malt.

Just because the Roo continues to expand doesn't mean the 815 is getting left behind or becoming an afterthought.

The proof lies in something I spotted that got my taste buds excited. But, before the big reveal, I will be honest, I can't find any information about when it will debut or where but it exists.


Beef-A-Roo is jumping into the food truck game and there's so much mystery involved. What will be on the menu? When is this eye-popping truck making its first public appearance?

So many questions remain unanswered but you can rest assured when the details are dropped I'll make sure you're in the know.

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