This will come as no surprise. A Northen Illinois earned itself some serious bragging rights as the best regional fast food chain in the state. The judes, the highly reputable food site,

The regional fast food chains we explore here have personality, quirks, and often, delicious food you can't get anywhere else in the U.S.

Think about the most unique dining experiences in Illinois, there are thousands that qualify for that description. Take "unique" and "tasty" and focuse in on the Northern Illinois area. Can you think of a famously delicuous local fast food joint with mutliple locations?


From as far north as Roscoe, to as far southeast as West Dundee, you will find eight total restaurants which offically fall into the top spot as Illinois best Rregional fast food chain.

From firehouse, to industrial, to "vintage", you'll find a different style a Beefaroo's throughout Illinois.


Like the variety of restaurant appearances, you'll find a variety of famously delicious options on their menu.


  • Cheddar Fries
  • Beef Sandwiches
  • Shakes & Malts

What earned Beefaroo the tops spot on Mashed's list? It was more than just their cheddar fries.

Beef-a-Roo's quarter-pounders get lots of praise, but people really love the Wild West Beef sandwich (think Arby's but so much better) and cheddar fries, which for a buck more, you can get loaded with bacon, scallions, and ranch dressing.

Did anyone else just learn something about Rockford's most famous fast food? Am I alone in this? I did not know, for a dollar more, you could upgrade their "basic" cheddar fries!

Beef-a-Roo Cheddar Fries
Cinesven via Instagram

Beef-a-Roo cheddar fries+bacon+scallions+ranch dressing=my next cheat meal.

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