After enjoying a superb taco salad made by the king of Mexican cuisine, Javy's Tacos, a co-worker of mine was very adamant to play a round of bumper pool. I happily obliged because I'm not someone who turns down a challenge.

There isn't a need to go into how the game played out, even though I took her to school and solidified a win.

What's more important is the fact that I learned there may be a questionably large group of adults who have never heard of this game.

What is that game you're playing?

I dropped this photo on my social stories and was surprised by the number of "What is that?" responses I got.

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Soooooo many questions about this: Is bumper pool a throwback that could make a comeback? Did the people asking what it is never go to any sort of camp, be it church, summer, day, etc.? Did they never visit a campground that had bumper pool inside the lodge?


I'm not judging, though. Instead, allow me to share a Chat GPT's response to "Explain bumper pool to me like I'm five years old".

Alright, little buddy, imagine you have a special pool table that's smaller and has bumpers all around. It's like a mix of pool and a maze game! Each player has their own color balls and a pocket to aim for.

You take turns trying to hit your balls into the pockets, but it's a little tricky because of the bumpers. When you hit a ball, it might bounce off the bumpers and go in a different direction. You have to be clever and plan your shots!

The first player to get all their balls into the pockets wins the game. But remember, you need to use the bumpers wisely to make sure your balls go where you want them to go. Have fun playing bumper pool! 🎱🎉

I'll leave you with this: are bumper pool tables a thing of the past that could make a comeback or is their popularity hanging by a thread?

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