You can question my credibility when it comes to music preferences, the sports teams I follow, and even what I'm binge-watching, but you can not question my taste for food. When it comes to food trucks I know what I'm talking about, especially if it involves tacos.

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I would not have my authoritative opinion imaginary certification without the help of a coworker who is truly a taco aficionado when it comes to the taco. It was Joe Dredge who led to the discovery of arguably one of the best tacos in Northern Illinois.

What Makes A Taco Great?

A truly tasty taco is not special, it's just great. - Joe Dredge

Allow me to elaborate on that quote from Joe leading up to this article. What he means is a taco only needs to be over the top in taste, it doesn't need to be fancied up. It's the quality of the ingredients that make or break a taco. There's no need to "reinvent the wheel" when serving up a quality taco.

One of our favorite spots to grab a great taco is hidden inside a downtown Rockford bar. I almost don't want to even share this bit of info with you out of selfishness. As much as I would like to keep this to myself, Javi's Tacos is already gaining popularity and it's well earned.

What Makes Javi's Taco So Great?

It's simple, in words; it's the tortilla. Javi makes the corn tortillas by hand and I'm not kidding when I tell you his tacos are life-changing.

Where To Get Javi's Tacos?

On Tuesdays (during lunch hours) and select Friday and Saturdays, you can order up those heavenly tacos while enjoying a beverage inside CJ's Public House at E. State and Madison in Rockford. Soon enough you might just spot Javi's Tacos when you're out and about in the form of a food truck.

I couldn't be more proud of and happy for Javi and his family. The only thing I'm sad about is having to wait in a long line when the rest of the Rockford area learns what's up with Javi's Tacos.

Give Javi's a like so you can follow where the truck will be next.

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