Aren't we all always looking for some delicious food to get our hands on after a long day at work?  I know I am.

This weekend, I went to Chicago for my sister's birthday dinner!  Why am I telling you this?  Because the burger she got for us.... out of this world.  The restaurant we went to is The Loyalist.

Rustic-chic gastropub with a seasonal patio offering specialty burgers, handcut fries & wine. - The Loyalist


Now, I thought we were just going to have a normal dinner with the entire family, but I was totally wrong.  We got an entire 5 course meal for my sister's birthday and let me just show you some of the dishes they served us!


I really just thought it was a gigantic piece of shrimp, but it's called prawn.  These tasted so fresh and smelled amazing!

Via Emily
Via Emily


I'm not totally sure how to describe this, but all I know is this was a whole dance party in my mouth for like 5 minutes.


Yum!  Mussels are a huge weakness of mine, these were huge and we destroyed these babies in two seconds.

Via Emily
Via Emily


My boyfriend is a stickler when it comes to gnocchi because he's Italian, and the look on his face when he took a bite of these... it definitely passed his taste test!

And for the burger you've all been waiting for, the burger that was ranked one of the BEST burgers in America....


The original "Dirty Burg" with slagel family farm beef, charred onion, pickled onion, onion mayo, house pickles and sesame seed bun. ** Comes with a side of fries **.

When I say this burger is top notch I mean it.  I could've eaten 3 of them if I really wanted to, it's incredible and ranks very high on my favorite food list!

If you're interested in visiting the Loyalist, checkout their website and make sure to make a reservation because they fill up quick!  Find them on Instagram, too!

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