We recently shared the rankings for some of America's Worst places to go grocery shopping and it revealed several stores that have locations in Illinois and Wisconsin.

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There are a couple of grocery stores in the area that also were worst for customer service, including one in Madison, Wisconsin ranked as one of America's 20 worst.

When you can't make it to a grocery store and need something to eat fast, what are the best and worst options for a drive-through meal in the Stateline area?

Worst Fast Food Chains in the U.S. According to Customer Reviews

It's cheap, it's fast, and sometimes it's even edible. Eating at a "fast-food" restaurant can leave you feeling a certain kind of way, especially if you have a bad experience.

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To find out which of these places for quick eats is worse than others, Yahoo Finance compiled a comprehensive amount of Reddit threads and searched “worst fast-food in the US”, “worst fast-food chains in America”, and “America’s worst fast-food restaurants”

The 10 Worst Fast-Food Chains in the U.S. Have Hundreds of Illinois Locations

10th Worst Fast-Food Chain: Sonic Drive-In has 50 Illinois Locations

9th Worst Fast Food Chain: Krystal has no locations in Illinois.

Most of the Krystal locations are in the southeastern part of the U.S. with Kentucky having the closest restaurant to Illinois.

8th Worst Fast-Food Chain: Jack-In-The-Box has 9 locations in Illinois

7th Worse Fast-Food Chain: White Castle has 56 locations in Illinois

6th Worse Fast-Food Chain: Pizza Hut has dozens of stores in Illinois

5th Worse Fast-Food Chain: Del Taco has no locations in Illinois

4th Worse Fast-Food Chain: KFC has 148 locations in Illinois

3rd Worse Fast-Food Chain: Subway has 895 locations in Illinois

2nd Worst Fast-Food Chain: Burger King has 273 locations in Illinois, including the original in Mattoon.

Worst Fast-Food Chain in America: Long John Silvers has 18 Illinois locations

From coast to coast: The 20 best regional fast-food chains to try

From burgers to subs and even creamy milkshakes, these tasty fast-food chains, compiled by Stacker, are a must-try on your next road trip.

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50 Most Popular Chain Restaurants in America

YouGov investigated the most popular dining brands in the country, and Stacker compiled the list to give readers context on the findings. Read on to look through America's vast and divergent variety of restaurants—maybe you'll even find a favorite or two.

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