With Halloween weekend here, your mind is probably on the impending Zombie Apocalypse and how to survive...right? Well, that might not be on your mind, but with all the zombie shows filling up the small screen, many are. So, to help, we offer you list of cities to avoid , so that you can have a better chance of surviving if the undead hit the streets.

Our friends at Trulia have come up with the top 25 cities you want to steer clear of if the unthinkable happens. The rankings are based on these four factors:

  • Easy for the “walkers” to get around, according to The Walk Score.
  • Cities with the lowest density of hardware stores. Fewer stores makes it difficult for humans to protect themselves from zombie attacks.
  • Highest density of hospitals. You think that would be a good thing humans, but keep in mind that more hospitals mean that zombies would have quick access to defenseless “food.”
  • Cities with the most congestion. Congested cities mean it would be difficult for humans to run from zombies.


Check out the complete zombie apocalypse map HERE

1. Honolulu, HI
2. New York City, NY
3. Newark, NJ
4. Boston, MA
5. Washington, DC

The only Illinois City that made the list was Chicago (#11).



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