Nature is always fascinating, wild life especially.

Animals in their natural environment can fun to observe. If that weren't true people would not have bird feeders viewable from their windows and National Geographic would be a failure.

Also, zoos are a very popular place for families to see wildlife, albeit in a recreated setting. But the best place to view wildlife is in a natural setting from a distance.

In the short video you are about see, the encounter is anything but from a distance.

After watching this video and reading some of the comments that followed, the situation may not be as uncommon as you might think.


Often times you may see someone feeding a wild animal, like a racoon, that has ventured near somebody's home, which is iegal in Illinois.

Other animals you can legally feed within the Land of Lincoln include birds (view bird feeders) ground squirrels, chipmunks, and squirrels. Remember though, wild animals can contain germs and disease you want no part of.

Its worth noting, for the sake of this article, it is illegal in Illinois to feed deer as a kind gesture or for baiting purposes.


A woman named Clare, in Byron, shared a video of a deer making an up-close appearance while kids were swimming in a nearby pool.

In the two-second video you will see exactly how calm and curious this deer was.

The deer in question will walk up and nuzzle you, let’s the children on our stree pet it and hug it, plays with dogs on the street, etc. Everyone in my neighborhood loves the deer. Very gentle. I don’t want to see it get shot. It’s not menacing.

She said local forest preserve officials suspect the animal was taken in and raised by humans and then set free when it was full grown.


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