I took this bitecharge.com quiz "What career were you actually meant for?". The results were uncanny in pinpointing my love for cooking. It said I was meant to be a chef. That I'm "naturally creative, imaginative, and can instantly come up with new ideas in my head. More than anything I want to create something beautiful and enjoyable that will satisfy and make people happy. I have an uncanny ability to make masterpieces out of sheer nothingness."

Hmm, yeah I can see that. As you've seen I like cooking and I do make recipes up from scratch. This quiz is kind of kooky cool.

Maybe if you need a little help in deciding your career path take this quiz. I'm not saying it will be dead on with what you are to do but, you never know, it might help push you into the right direction.

Better yet, take the quiz to have a little fun and make you smile for the day. Just thinking about the different possibilities is kind of nice too.