This is for all the singles.

Ever wonder if you're marriage material?

Take this quiz to find out.

BuzzFeed has a great quiz to tell you just how much of marriage person you are.

Oh course you know I had to take it. I mean after all it's a quiz. Plus I'm single. Yeah I'd say it's pretty much a given I'd take it.

Well my results said that I'm in the "starting to seriously think about it" stage.

Hmm, well that is true. I have thought more about it lately. It could also be brought on because my niece is getting married before I am in June. Haha!

However, the description about me isn't because it said:

"You’re seeing someone you really like and maybe you’ve even talked to said person about what the future holds. Living together? Perhaps, but there’s no ring-shopping spree on the books yet!"

As much as I'd like to say I am seeing someone, well I'm not.  The whole talking about the future, living with them, is way off.

So it was half right. Half is better than nothing right?

Now, you try it.

Quiz: Are you Marriage Material?

So, what did you get?

If you got something like I did and you're looking around going well where am I going to find that person? I've got a great place for you April 17th. Join Q98.5 at Cliffbreakers for the Second Annual Single and Mingle Party.

Last year was a huge success, so I'm pretty sure this years is going to be even better. You don't want to miss out on that now, do you?

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