It's Girl Scout Cookie season. Yum!

Does you favorite cookie match your personality? Take the quiz it find out which Girl Scout Cookie are you?

My favorite, hands down are the thin mints. What's your favorite?

Now I'm wondering if the thin mints match my personality in this quiz? Hmm..

I guess there's one way to find out.

Let's take the quiz. Click the button below.

Hmmmm...It says I'm a Samoa: "Samoas are a Girl Scout cookie staple! Samoas are delicious when hot, cold, with milk, coffee, name it! You have a complex and deep personality with several layers. Often times it takes you a little while to form deep connections with people, but when you do, the bond is strong. The vanilla cookie represents your solid foundation and sense of self. The caramel adds sweetness, the toasted coconut is represents your unique personality, and the chocolate topping parallels your thirst for fun!"

Hmm... well it's not a thin Mint but I do like Samoa's an I do order those from time to time. The description is pretty accurate though.

So... What cookie are you? Does it fit who you are?