Ready for something fun?

Take this quiz and find of which Luke Bryan song you are.

Are you ready to find out which Luke Bryan song describes you?

If so then click here, and take the quiz.

Ok. What song did you get?

For me it said that I'm “Play It Again”: You aren’t afraid to hang out in the background and wait for your song to come on! When your song does come on-- it’s time to get going!

I like that song, and yeah in a way I'm like that.

Well anyhow, I just thought I'd provide you something fun today.

I'm just wondering if Luke Bryan will get the title of "Entertainer of the Year" for the CMA's this Wednesday. Although I'd love it to go to Kenny Chesney, just because I love him, I have a pretty strong feeling it's going to Luke.

What do you think?

By the way the 49th Annual CMA's are this Wendesday night at 7pm on ABC/ WTVO. Our waiting questions of who wins what will soon be answered. Click the button below to download your ballot and make your picks.