Chicago is the city of Blues, Deep Dish, Comedy, and Country Music...? According to one website, Chicago is considered one of the best cities for country music in 2022, here is why Chicago ranks so high.

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Country music and Chicago don't seem like things that would go hand in hand. However, according to the website, they released a ranking of 2022's Best Cities for Country Music Fans and Chicago finishes 6th on the list. Chicago ranks only behind Nashville #1 (obviously), then NYC in second, Salt Lake City in third, Atlanta fourth, and Charleston in fifth. On the site they say...

"We compared over 180 of the biggest cities based on eight key factors, such as the number of country music festivals, access to performance venues, and the affordability of concert tickets."

Chicago ranks 22nd for access to country music, 2nd for country music concerts, 6th for interest in country music, and 14th for the affordability of country concerts. Chicago also ranks 4th for most Google searches of country music terms over the last year, for whatever that is worth.

For us here in the Tri-State area St. Louis ranks 15th on the list, and Kansas City 34th, to see the complete list for yourself click here! 

It isn't at all shocking to me that New York City and Chicago are ranked this high, they are entertainment capitols. Chicago and New York have so many venus and diverse populations of people. plus lots of people live around and near those cities live in suburbs and rural areas that would travel to those cities for Country concerts.

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