A few months ago a California mom came to Rockford for a pizza eating challenge and succeeded. However, it doesn't compare to the record she set in Wisconsin. Got beef?

Molly Schuyler came to Rockford take on Momma Mia's "The Don" challenge, and dominated the 32 pizza, with her teammate, in record time. Now she's holds another record in Milwaukee for chowing down an incredible amount of meat. Molly ate 22½ pounds of prime rib!

Molly told me it took about 45 minutes to eat it all and it was $500 worth of food, but well worth the challenge and setting another record. I asked if someone like me could train for a feat such as this and, without hesitation, she said no. Very few people can do it and it's pretty much "something you're born to do." By the way, Ward's House Of Prime was stoked to have her there.

Molly Schuyler checked in with Q98.5 the last time she was in town to talk about beating Momma Mia's monstrous challenge, "The Don." You can hear the conversation in this video. ↓

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