Some people are packing away their Cutler Chicago Bears jersey, while others are burning them, but what about this woman? Is she moving on in a non-dramatic fashion and hoping to make a few bucks along the way?

Some upset football fans are finally moving on after the Miami Dolphins announced the signing of former Chicago Bear Jay Cutler. I was hoping for something for a great story about anger and disappointed toward the former Bears QB or something as simple as a "tossing it into a Rubbermaid bin and tossing into storage" situation, but it's not that either. What I thought would be a story about one woman's anger with Jay turned out to be much different. She's selling it because it's the wrong size.

Patricia K. Baker via Facebook Marketplace

When I asked Patricia why she was selling the jersey she told me it was simply the wrong size for the person she bought it for. I asked her if she was upset about Jay Cutler signing with Miami and she replied, "I don't follow sports." Looks like there's no love lost there.

Here is the $20 Jay Cutler Chicago Bears jersey being sold on Facebook Marketplace.

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