On Monday morning, a 53-year-old woman was driving recklessly and racking up complaints from Rochester residents. Nine complaints were reported to police within six days, which included driving erratically and using a bullhorn to, in her words, "spread the word of God" as she drove.

Around 4:30 on May 16th, officers caught her driving through a red light while yelling through her bullhorn. Officer attempted a traffic stop but the woman refused to pull over. The RPD decided not to chase her since she was not an imminent danger to the public.

One hour later, another officer was stopped at a red light on 3rd avenue when a passerby approached the squad car and said the woman in front of them had run multiple red lights.

A second traffic stop was attempted, but the woman sped up and tried to get away. The woman drove toward Broadway Avenue until she crashed through construction barricades and drove into 150 feet of wet, freshly poured concrete, which forced her to stop.

There the woman was arrested and taken to St. Marys for a psych evaluation. The woman faces two counts of fleeing police in a motor vehicle, one county of 1st-degree damage of property, and a count of driving a motor vehicle without insurance. The amount of damage she caused to the newly poured road was $30-40,000.

Read more here: ABC 6 News

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