When it comes to pizza there's always a divide between New York and Chicago styles.

According to the Best in U.S. list, Chicago tops New York.

Well that's a no brainer, at least that's my opinion.

NBC5 shares that not just one Chicago pizza made the Daily Meal's Best Pizzas In America, but 6.

The top pizza spot landed at #3 is "the Chicago Classic at Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria" over the #4  which is "the Boom Pie at John’s of Bleecker Street" in New York.

The other five pizzas on the list are:

#24: Deep Dish at Pequod’s

#50: Rudy’s Special at Pizano’s

#63: Changes Hourly at Bonci

#70: The Sausage at Vito & Nick’s

#87: The Carbonara at Pizzeria Bebu 

The best part about this list is that the top pizza pick is Lou Malnatti's. Their deep dish classic pizza is the best ever.

Soon everyone in Rockford who's never experienced their pizza or that fabulous house salad will get a chance because the Forest city will be getting our own in January!

Oh Yummy I cannot wait for this.







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