It's no secret that there's a long-running pizza feud between Chicago and New York. Now some New Yorkers are upset that the new pizza museum opened in the Windy City this weekend instead of the Big Apple.

Chepko Danil

A couple year's ago my family and I went out to New York to visit family and of course the topic of pizza came up.

We were visiting my brother-in-law, who grew up here and has to go to Sam's Pizza everytime he comes home for a visit. But even he was all about making sure we got a big slice of New York pizza.

Eh, it wasn't bad, but I'll take a deep dish over it any day!

But now that the U.S. Pizza Museum opened this weekend in Chicago, New York is mad that they weren't given the honor because they feel they have pizza supremacy.

Some even went to Twitter to express their frustration. Comedian David Cross was the most recognizable to state his concern.

What I don't think they realize is that the man behind the pizza museum is a Chicago resident.

Kendall Bruns is just a guy who collected a bunch of pizza memorabilia and is now putting it on display in his hometown. It just makes sense that it would happen that way.

But honestly, it's mostly because we have the better pizza, sorry not sorry New York!

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