There are sensitive people on social media lurking in the shadows just waiting to be offended. This group is sometimes referred to as "Karens." Sometimes this group blows things way out of proportion, sometimes they actually make a solid point. I'm not sure where this woman falls in that category, but she may have learned to choose different descriptive words if anything.

Now, playing both sides here, maybe the woman did not realize what she said could have a negative connotation. Maybe it's a term she grew up hearing and never thought of it as insulting. But, after a little research, the word may not be as bad as the commenters think.


This woman posted a picture and a question about a building in Belvidere that is near a mobile home park, like the one below. The location, specifically, is near the intersection of Newburg and South Appleton Road.

Credit: Google Street View
Credit: Google Street View

Trailer hood on the corner of Newburgh and Appleton. What is the brick building used for? Also does anyone know what it was be for the trailers were put in? Enquiring minds need to know. Thanks.

People did not appreciate her ''trailer hood" reference.

That hood has a lot of nice families living there. Your comment is disrespectful.

Another person was really set off by the term "trailer hood."

Hood? Its takes a real piece of shit to talk down on some real nice families there. You ever thought about maybe that all those families cantafford or cant find anything else? Not everyone can just up root and leave to bigger and better. Smh

But, did you know the term "hood" isn't necessarily negative? Here's a little of Urban Dictionary's definition of the word.

Describing a person as 'hood" can be a positive compliment but describing someone as ghetto is usually derogatory.

And, to answer her question, many comments indicate the building is for vending machines, laundry, and possibly tornado shelter.

Check out all the comments here.

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