The goal of every haunted house is to provide a unique experience for its visitors, but the parting gift that this haunted trail in Wisconsin hands out to 10 "lucky" people has left me with so many questions.

Forest of Freaks via Facebook
Forest of Freaks via Facebook

 'Forest of Freaks' in Janesville, Wisconsin

Today I was on a search for the best haunted houses in Wisconsin when I came across  Forest of Freaks in Janesville, Wisconsin.  , calls the Forest of Freaks;

Wisconsin’s longest outdoor haunted forest, featuring a choose your own path adventure, amazing special effects, monsters, scary clowns and more, all living in an outdoor haunted forest.

If getting the most scare for your buck is something you always look for, Forest of Freak's Haunted Trail takes about an hour to get through and admission is $20 per person.

The Forest of Freaks also features a "Shoot a Freak" target range, where you can launch paintballs at an actual "freak" for $6 extra, but that is not what I want to focus on right now.

This is...

The Forest of Freaks Facebook features a video of a creepy-looking woman picking at her fingernails that says;

We are possibly the only haunted house that gift’s fingernails to people. Only ten lucky people will receive a nail from Samara this October! Will you be one of the lucky ten?

Excuse me? FINGERNAILS?!? WHY?!?!

Now, I'm sure these "nails" are actually fake fingernails, but why do only 10 people get them?

Is there a special prize attached to the nail?

Do the lucky nail receivers then gain access to another exclusive scary experience?

Is it just a special prize for the people who scream the loudest or pee their pants?

I have SOO many questions...and cannot find any answers on the Forest of Freaks website or on Facebook. I guess you'll just have to visit the "freaks" and find out for yourself.

Get Forest of Freaks ticket information and hours of operation at

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