There's nothing worse than losing something and immediately having the feeling in your gut you're never going to get it back.

When something goes missing at home, you have some sense of security knowing it's SOMEWHERE in the house. But what happens when you lose something that means a lot to you on an international trip? The hope of ever finding it is not nearly as high.

That's what happened to Amy Wildman when she was a sophomore at Wisconsin Heights High School in Mazomanie. She lost her class ring during a 1986 class trip to Germany. Amy said -

I was lifting my glass up to drink and realized that my ring was gone. And then it was complete panic. I didn't ever, ever expect to see it again.

That was until 35 years later she goes the craziest phone call. The Wisconsin Heights School District, said officials were recently contacted by Daniela Schmidt-Mueller of Munich, Germany. UPI details -

Schmidt-Mueller said she had found a ring at a train station in 1988, but was unable to make out the inscription on the object. She said her kids recently took a second look at the ring and were able to link it to the school.

The school district then went to the 1988 yearbook. They determined the first name was "Amy" and eventually tracked down Wildman and told her they had her ring. Widlman says she immediately called her mom to tell her the unreal news. Then her family went out to dinner to celebrate.

The ring took four months to arrive due to postal delays, but eventually it was returned and the story was complete.


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