Illinois Woman Goes to Florida And Scores a HUGE Lottery Win
Have you ever been on vacation and you're feeling such high vibes you press your luck?
That's exactly what happened to 43 year old Danelia Flores-Garcia when she traveled to Florida recently. Danelia found her trip to Florida was quite the lucky endeavor when she won a $1 million …
Wisconsin Woman Reunited With Class Ring Lost in Germany 35 Yrs. Ago
There's nothing worse than losing something and immediately having the feeling in your gut you're never going to get it back.
When something goes missing at home, you have some sense of security knowing it's SOMEWHERE in the house. But what happens when you lose something that means a …
Top 10 Road Trip Songs
This weekend I had some drive time and what better way to while away the hours than popping in your favorite tunes to enjoy the ride.I brought along my 2 favorite Greatest hits CD's by Kenny Chesney & Rascal Flatts.
When you're planning road trips no matter how long the drive, what …