For those who find themselves unemployed in Wisconsin, there is a new hurdle that will be put in place in order to claim unemployment benefits.

Drug screening will now be a part of the process under a rule approved by Gov Scott Walker.

Win McNamee /Getty Images

Gov. Scott Walker, on Wednesday, has approved a rule implementing drug screening requirements for those who apply and receive unemployment benefits in Wisconsin

FOX6 is reporting that under the new rule, individuals  who fail an employer drug test or refuse to take one, can be denied unemployment benefits.

The Governor said he is trying to move residents from government dependence to independence.

Walker said: This new rule brings us one step closer to moving Wisconsinites from government dependence to true independence

For those who did not pass the drug test would have to submit to substance abuse treatment and a job skills assessment in order to remain eligible for benefits.

The new rule goes into effect later this week.