If you ever have dreamed about opening a small business, where you open a business is just as important as the type of business you open. Location, location, location!

The financial website, Wallethub conducted a study to determine the best small cities in the United States to open up a small business. Big is not always better. Smaller cities offer

Lower overhead costs, stronger relationships with customers and the potential to become a big fish in a little pond are among the benefit

Among the criteria used to determine the rankings include:

  • average growth in number of small businesses
  • prevalence of investors
  • office-space affordability
  • corporate taxes

Here are Illinois the Top 10 small cities to open a small business

10 Champaign
9  Granite City
8  Bloomington
7  Romeoville
6  Belvidere
5  Round Lake Beach
4  Decatur
3  Northbrook
2  Carbondale
1  North Chicago

Nationally, the city of murals, Belvidere, ranks at #241.

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