Do you decorate your car for Christmas? Some people love Christmas so much they go above and beyond and deck out their ride for the holidays. It's actually a lot less work than it sounds. It's as easy as throwing on some reindeer antlers, a red nose on the grill, or even some lights on the top.

But one Wisconsin driver really got into it when decorating their car for Christmas. 18 year old Tyler Kamholz from Oshkosh, Wisconsin was inspired by a YouTube video he saw and he said the whole thing only cost $30. 5 strings of Christmas lights later he was all decked out.

But when your car is COVERED in strings of Christmas lights, you can't really drive around casually. You get a lot of attention. And it just so happened Tyler's car caught the attention of a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper.

The interaction between Tyler and the trooper sounds hilarious. Tyler details -

She pretty much said she really liked the lights, but she's pulling me over for the lights.

As much as the trooper liked the holiday decorations, it's definitely not safe. So Wisconsin State Patrol posted a warning on Facebook to let other's know the lights should probably stay on your house.


A trooper in the Northeast Region recently stopped this car. Although she gave them credit for the...

Posted by Wisconsin State Patrol on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The craziest part? The lights aren't coming off. He's gotten a ton of requests from places like nursing homes to just drive by with the lights on. So the lights will be staying on the car until Christmas, they just wont be turned on unless it's for an event. You'll just need to be in the right place to see them turned on.

Wisconsin State statute says you can only have white or amber colored lights on the front of your car. On the rear, the only color you can have is red. Any other color could result in a fine of up to $200.

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