Wisconsin has plenty of chilling ghost tales to share, but not many of them feature a phantom that is only seen when it snows.

Wisconsin Ghost Stories

Here are two truths about me:

  1. I love reading about legends, ghost stories, and anything true-crime.
  2. My family spends a lot of our free time at a cabin in Wisconsin, so when I come across weird facts, places, or stories about the state, I am completely sucked in.

To put it simply, I've read a lot of weird and chilling things about Wisconsin people, places, and ghosts, but I have never read anything about a ghostly snowmobiler speeding through Northwoods Wisconsin...until today.


The Legend of Wisconsin's Phantom Snowmobiler

According to BadgerlandLegends on Facebook, stories about a "phantom snowmobiler" on an old, beat up snowmobile have been passed around the Minocqua/Woodruff, Wisconsin area for over a decade.

The BadgerlandLegends post says;

A phantom snowmobiler has been spotted along the ditches of county and state highways. He’s been encountered in the trails through the woods, cornfields, and on the lakes.

Apparently, the legends told about this ghostly rider vary greatly, but the one thing most of them have in common is, the rider "has no face".


Encounters With Wisconsin's Phantom Snowmobiler

I found an article from The W-Files that featured an interview with an "Old Marine" that has had multiple run-ins with this phantom snowmobiler. The Marine recalled a time when "an old clunker Arctic Cat" nearly ran him off a gravel road and cause a serious collision. The marine chased him on his snowmobile, but was never able to catch him so he gave up. The Marine then noticed;

I stopped chasing the ghost and he starting finding me. Yeah, riding just ahead of me. Sometimes alongside of me. This is when I started getting a good look at him. I think I'm about the only one who's spent that much time close to him...

when you get up close you notice something startling real quick. You look at his face and there is none!

If that account isn't creepy enough, the Marine goes on to say;

The ghost has blocked trails and those who went around him later found themselves through the ice. He tried to run some drunk punks off Highway 47 to save them. But one of those fools gave an electric pole a sixty-mile-per-hour kiss. So I know he's trying to tell us to tone it down.

Is Wisconsin's phantom snowmobiler really just trying to save lives?

Some Wisconsinites say spotting him is a good omen, so don't freak out ,stay out his way, and follow his directions.

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