When you go on a hunt for the most haunted places in Wisconsin, there's no doubt Shaker's Cigar Bar in Milwaukee will show up on every list due to its strong connection to ghosts, gangsters, and one very infamous serial killer.

The History of Shaker's Cigar Bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

According to the bar's website, The Huffington Post named Shaker's "One of the 5 Most Haunted Bars in America", and once you dive into the building's history you can totally understand how it earned the title.

The building that currently houses Shaker's Cigar Bar is located in Milwaukee's historic Walker's Point neighborhood and was built in 1894 and was used to make barrels and casts for Schlitz Brewing. While that fact may not seem like the building was destined to be haunted, the other fact that the building was constructed over an old cemetery certainly does.

Shaker's old cemetery roots are just the beginning of the building's shady history. During Prohibition, the building was owned by the infamous Capone brothers and operated as a speakeasy and brothel. The basement of the building was used as a secret hideout and meeting place for the Capones, and many people say the entire floor is seriously creepy.

I came across a 2021 article from Spectrum News 1 that included an interview with a tour guide from Shaker's that said a storage room in the basement puts out seriously bad vibes;

The door has been blocked off for years. It now has a crack in it that was not there when the door was locked. The lock itself has bent outward, as if someone was pushing on it from the inside.

If that's not creepy enough for you, several human skeletons have been discovered in the concrete walls and floor of the basement too. Yikes.

Shaker's Cigar Bar's Other Claim to Infamy

A friend of mine shared some pictures they took during a recent trip to Shaker's Cigar Bar in Milwaukee, and this one, in particular, had me scratching my head...

Provided Photo
Provided Photo

Why would Shaker's be selling Jeffrey Dahmer t-shirts? Is it simply because Milwaukee was home to one of the country's worst serial killers, or is it something deeper than that?

Well, it turns out it is something deeper. Shaker's website clearly says; "In the 1990's, It was an occasional haunt of infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. Double yikes.

Making the Most of Shaker's Cigar Bar's Shady Past

Many interactions with and sightings of ghosts have been reported by Shaker's customers and employees throughout the years, and instead of hiding from its shady past, they have decided to embrace it!

Besides serving great food and cocktails, Shaker's Cigar Bar hosts in-house ghost tours every night. They also offer special tours throughout the year like; " The Whoring 20's", "The Milwauking Dead", and the "Cream City Cannibal tour",  which takes you through the footsteps of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Shaker's also has a virtual ghost tour experience:

To learn more about what's shakin' at Shaker's soon, check out the events page and start planning your next trip to Milwaukee.

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