There are a lot of weird stories that surround The Roadhouse Bar in Hawthorne, Wisconsin, but this woman's story involving the bar's haunted mural might be one of the creepiest things I have ever heard.

Weird Wisconsin Stories

I've read about and listened to a lot of strange stories about Wisconsin places, but this story is one of the most bizarre things I have ever heard...and I am completely fascinated by it.

Let me start by explaining how I fell down this weird Wisconsin rabbit hole. This morning I noticed a post in the Strange Wisconsin Facebook group that said;

Has anyone else heard the story about the lively tavern/bar in Wisconsin that someone had visited late one night, only to find later that it had been deserted for some time? I think there was also a wall mural that had the visitor painted in the scene just to add to the creepiness.

What? A ghost bar with a haunted mural?!? I need to know more!

Roadhouse Bar in Hawthorne, Wisconsin

Roadhouse Bar is a very real bar that is still open in Hawthorne, Wisconsin, so the ghost bar thing does not apply here. The mural's existence is also 100 percent true...

After reading through some of the comments on the original Strange Wisconsin post I discovered this link about the origins of the "haunted" mural legends...

And then I found this video of the woman explaining her chilling experience at the Roadhouse Bar. This video is a little long but well worth the watch...

Do you have the chills now too? No one may be able to truly explain what happened to Tiyi Schippers that night, but I'm half tempted to drive to Hawthorne, Wisconsin to see if it happens again!

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