'Zombie Disease' (a.k.a. chronic wasting disease or CWD) is a real thing and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources wants you to have your hunted deer tested for it. This infectious animal disease also exists in Illinois and has been reported in several counties, including Boone, Ogle, and Winnebago Counties.

As far as Wisconsin is concerned, CWD exists there too, according to the Wisconsin DNR's district wildlife supervisor.

Unfortunately, in southern Wisconsin, we do have a chronic wasting disease.

Animals can carry CWD for up to a year with no signs of the disease.

Signs of CWD in the animals include: no hear of humans, teeth grinding, notable weakness, drooping of the head and ears, excessive thirst, difficulty swallowing, rough dull coat, walking in set patterns, nervousness, loss of coordination, excessive salivation, diminished tone of facial muscles, severe emaciation, severe dehydration and inability to stand. (Fox6)

The deer aren't actually zombies but health officials aren't sure what would happen to humans if they contracted CWD (Zombie Deer Disease) but advise to have all game meat tested before consumption.

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