A recent study has found that we may be looking for love in all the wrong places, and we may need to just adjust our sites to a few miles above the border.

A researcher from Michigan State University recently conducted the first nationwide study of positive relationships and found that Mississippi, Utah and Wisconsin are the best state for lovers. Why? Because people are less needy there, apparently.

According to Eurekalert.org the study surveyed over 127,000 adults and measured;


attachment anxiety, in which people are "clingy" and constantly worried their partner will leave them, and attachment avoidance, in which people dislike intimacy and are more distant and cold toward their partners.


Wisconsin, along with Mississippi and Utah, all scored low on both of those negative relationship aspects, and also have the highest marriage rates, which makes them three awesome places to couple-up.

As for the states thanked ranked the highest on attachment anxiety and avoidance? North Dakota takes the cake for the worst state for lovers, followed closely by Kentucky, Kansas and South Dakota. Don't go there if you're unlucky in love. Consider yourself warned.


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