Hey stateline singles! If your new year resolution is to find love in 2018, then get ready this Sunday is your day.

Really? Why?

Well according to Moneyish, January 7th is the biggest day for online dating sites due to the fact that "it’s the first Sunday after the new year, and Sundays are a particularly popular day for online dating."

Also, the jump in memberships to online sites as well as communicating with others to find your match is because of two things.

One, it's “the start of a fresh year symbolizes new beginnings, and singles may be feeling particularly excited and hopeful about the future.”

Ok... possibly.

The second, and more likely reason I think, is having to endure the dreaded question of "Why are you still single?" when being with family over the holidays.

I get it. I was like that. I hated being asked that all the time.

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that I'd have pockets bulging with cash.

With the weather being as cold and frigid as it's been and it looks like we have no relief from it this weekend, hunkering down on the couch Sunday with some Netflix while the snow falls would be perfect to start checking into online dating.

My advice to you is to only sign up on one or two sights. Otherwise you're gonna be going crazy checking on all these sites everyday trying to keep conversations with other people straight.

At one point when I was online dating I had 4 sites I was checking on. Ugh! it was too much, I cut back to 2. It honestly became too stressful and almost like working another job.

Yeah no thanks.

So to my single friends I wish you good luck and if you have any questions about online dating I'll do my best to help you, seeing I was there almost 4 months ago.




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