Easy money in Rockford? I wouldn't be so quick to touch it, if I were you.

Money is popping up in some of the most unusual places in Rockford. A friend of mine works at the North Main Bar, sent me a picture of money he found, however, the spot he found the money that made me cringe....in a urinal.

Is this some new form of Rockford wishing well? Why are people throwing change in a urinal. A tip for the bathroom attendant?

Okay from the looks of it, it appears to be only change. But this begs the question, how much would you have to find in a urinal before you grabbed it?

Money In Unexpected Places in Rockford
Toby N Photo, used by permission

For me, if it was a $50.00 bill, I would grab it, assuming nobody was looking. I posed this question to Q98.5's Sean Kelly, who obviously has a much lower threshold. He said $5.00 would do it for him and he didn't care if someone else was looking.

How 'bout you, would you grab this money? What is your threshold?