Some may say that it's acting childish, or that I need to grow up. But if I poke fun at your butt, apparently it's good for us.

According to Appalachian State University and ALT Thread "roasting" your significant other is healthy and will contribute to a strong relationship.

If you and your partner make a habit out of poking fun at each other, it's a good thing. Here are Five Reasons Roasting Your Significant Other Makes For a Great Relationship:

  • Idiosyncrasies - What makes you unique, what can your partner pick at that only they know.
  • Calling Them Out - Along those same lines there's this " I see you and like who you are"...but I'm gonna call you out.
  • Keep It Light - Humor is one thing when done with good intentions. It can actually be used as a healing technique.
  • Laughter Is the Best Medicine - Laughter reduces stress AND builds confidence.
  • It’s Validating - The roasting is sharing a moment and creating a bond.


So next time your significant other makes fun of something you do and say, (in a playful manner) think of the above mentioned items and how helpful it actually can be.


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