A Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate running for the office stirred up some controversy with her political ad.

Recently, Kelda Roys, made a political ad for her campaign at running for Governor of Wisconsin, when she chose to keep a segment in the commercial of her breastfeeding her daughter.

At the filming of the ad, Kelda's family was there: her husband toddler daughter and new born daughter. During one point of the taping her baby daughter got fussy and her husband passed the 4 month old to Kelda who then calmed her daughter and breast fed her. (WGN)

According to Kelda "it was an unscripted moment." 

She said that "When the clip came back and it had the nursing in it, I said, 'You know, let's keep it in there. Why not?' .... People are ready for candidates they can relate to."

Kelda also said that "men and women have responded positively to the ad" However, when "her campaign released a fundraising email to supporters that showed more negative comments on Facebook."

When I first came across this article I thought "She did what on camera? Why?"

Then I watched her ad.

It made sense. She spoke about fighting for our children and her fight against BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups, the whole breast feeding thing seemed to fit in the spot.

Also, I might add, it's done tastefully. It's not explicit.

Watch and see what you think?


Although, I probably wouldn't have chose to do this on camera, I can see why Ms. Roys wanted to keep it in.

I didn't see it as exploiting her daughter to get votes as some have said on her Facebook page. For her, it was Kelda being a Mom.

Kelda says she's familiar with this negativity against women in "public Service", after serving in the General Assembly for 2 years. She has no regrets for doing this.

What are your thoughts?

Should she have left this in the ad?

Does this make her a more real or relate-able candidate?










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