Who threw 'something' at the Winnebago Sheriff's speed trailer?The investigation is underway. Looking at the pictures provided by the Winnebago County Sheriff's police, it looks rather something 'icky brown'.

What do you think it is?  Take another look...

Winnebago County Sheriff Photo

Today is Illinois Speed Awareness Day and apparently someone traveling in the New Milford was not happy that police were tracking their speed and decided to throw an "unknown substance' at the speed trailer along the side of the road.

Illinois Speed Awareness day is a day designed to draw awareness of the driving public to their speed while driving. Area police departments and Illinois State Police are adding extra speed patrols to roadways across Illinois today to enforce posted speed limits.

Police are asking anyone any information to please call 815-319-6300.

Something tells my the guilty party might have something brown on his or her hands and might smell.