I'll admit it, around this time of the year I am "Corn Fed" and proud to admit it! I will chow down six ears of corn in one sitting.

I'll admit it, I will eat locally grown sweet corn on the cob four or five times a week without blinking. The best sweet corn is the corn that is grown on farms right here in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.

Sweet corn season runs through the end of August here in the Stateline and in my opinion, the best of the best can be had between the final week of July through mid August.

You will not find this great tasting sweet corn at most local super markets, but you will find it area roadside corn stands and at local farms. I know this from personal experience.

With this in mind, I pose to you, who has the area’s best tasting sweet corn? Here are some of the corn on the cob vendors you nominated in 2015.


(if you don't see your favorite listed, comment and let us know and we'll add it to the list)

  • Marengo: Cody’s Farm and Orchard
  • Kirkland: Klock's on 1st street just south of Rt. 72
  • Belvidere: Mundy’s farm on Genoa Rd.
  • Roscoe: Skelly’s Farm Stand on Elevator Rd
  • Durand: Hunt’s on Leech Road
  • Clare: Bross Sweet Corn Stand on Rt 64 between Clare Rd and Schafer Rd (Mirai variety)
  • Rochelle/Mendota: Dorn Acres sweet corn on Rt 251 and Rt 30  between Rochelle and Mendota
  • Roscoe: Little Red Shed on Swanson Rd
  • Capron: Allen Reimer Farm, Capron Road
  • Poplar Grove: Corn Stand on Rt 173
  • Belvidere: farm at the intersection of Spring Creek and Rt. 76 Just North of the fairgrounds
  • Elizabeth: Dittmar Farm
  • Harvard: Twin Gardens Farms. Mirai sweet corn
  • Marengo: Bartman’s Family Farm State Route 176 just east of Marengo (tie)
  • Kingston: C & B Farms on 5 Points Rd
  • Baileyville: Drake’s Rt 26 south of Freeport (tie)
  • New Milford: Evans corn
  • Kings: Farm name unknown, the location is across from the church after you cross the railroad tracks straight through town
  • Garden Prairie: Suzie's garden Patch
  • Durand: Dolan’s on Rt 75 east of Durand
  • Winnebago: Dorn's at the Winnebago Mobil
  • Sleepy Hollow: Randy's vegetables
  • Clinton, WI: Crawford Corn
  • Hampshire: Prairie View farm stand on Rt 72
  • Belvidere" Corn stand across from Arby's when you are coming into town
  • Maple Park: Theis Farm on County Line Road
  • Rainwaters on Rt 251 & Twombley rd
  • Durand: Logan’s Farm
  • Kingston: C & B Farms 5 Points Rd
  • Rochelle: Rainwaters corn on Hwy 251 North of Rochelle
  • Uncle Carl’s on Rt 76 and Spring Creek
  • Oregon: Canfield’s
  • Garden Prairie: Susie’s Garden Patch
  • Rockford: Landscaping Connection, corner of Linden and Mulford
  • Blackmer’s corn downtown Cherry Valley
  • The Barn, at 3742 Genoa Rd, at the intersection of Huber Rd
  • Maple Park: Wiltse’s in Maple Park Rt 38 (East of DeKalb)

Check out last years 10 ten list HERE.

Samples are always welcome here at teh radio station. Comment below and tell me who has the BEST sweet corn in the stateline?

I’ll reveal your results next week!