Who has the Best Sweet Corn in the Stateline? Vote Now!
Sweet corn season is here and for me it is my favorite time of the year. Bring on the sweet corn! From now until the end of August you will find the absolute best tasting sweet corn in Northern Illinois. You are not gonna find this in your local super market, but you will find it area roadside corn …
Try this Healthy Salsa
Yesterday, I was given a rather large zucchini from a co-worker. They said "I know you'll find something to make with this."
Wow! What a compliment. "Now", I thought, " what am I going to do with this thing?" It was large enough to make zucchini bread, but I've already d…
Use your Fresh Summer Veggies on this Recipe
I love summertime. Who doesn't! Right?!
The favorite thing about summer is all the fresh garden veggies. Whether you get them from the local farmer's markets, your own garden or like me shop my parents humongous garden, the vegetables beat those of the grocery store.
With sweet corn coming in by the d…