If you've ever driven with a few miles of the WInnebago Landfill on Lindenwood Rd., you know the experience is never usually pleasant.

Yes, I know that a landfill is  a place where garbage goes to die and that controlling that amount of stink has to be a hard job, but apparently it can be done. This is exactly why the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has served the Winnebago Landfill with several violations again over the gas odors that are emitting from their site.

According to WIFR;

The state accuses landfill managers of several violations, including failure to control waste gas emissions.

Experts say that gas, hydrogen sulfide, causes breathing problems, nausea and headaches. They say the gas may smell like rotten eggs.

Illinois leaders want the landfill to create a system to control the gas, pay fines of $50,000 for every violation, plus an extra $10,000 each day until the issue is fixed.

Sounds like the Winnebago Landfill managers have a big job ahead of them, but hopefully all our noses will be able to thank them very soon.

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