Eww.. this flu season is nasty stuff. Every time I turn around it seems there's more cases of it being reported.

Winnebago County is stressing for us to remember the 3 C's to fighting the Flu.

As the cases of flu numbers continue to rise in our country, let alone in Winnebago County, the health department is stressing the major importance for all citizens to remember, copy and follow are the 3 C's in order to fight catching this nasty bug. (WIFR)

THE 3 C's: Clean, Cover and Contain

Clean = Constantly wash your hands after.

Cover = Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing.

Contain = If you're sick and shows signs/ symptoms of the flu, stay home, school or any other activity to prevent spreading the flu bug.

The Winnebago County Health Department recommends getting the flu shot. Although the vaccine isn't "100% effective, it  [does] provides a significant amount of protection" in lessening your chances of getting the flu. They also say that in "addition to getting a flu shot, avoid crowded areas as much as possible to lower your chances of catching the flu."

I certainly wish the fine person who was ill with the flu would have heeded those words on my flight or stay in Memphis. I wouldn't have come down with it and still be recovering from the flu after affects. I'm not a 100% but I'm certainly much better than I was almost 2 weeks ago.



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