In just two days, two big stories have broke about anonymous donors making amazing things possible in Rockford.

On Monday it was announced that someone donated $74,000 to pay off the mortgage for the Rock House Kids building on 7th Street in Rockford, and then on Tuesday news of another massive, anonymous donation broke.

Thanks to some help from the Rockford Area Crime Stoppers, the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department received an anonymous $50,000 donation for the purchase of two Bloodhounds that will be used in the searches for missing people. The donation also covers the costs of training, equipment, and food for the new dogs.

Sadie and Nancy Drew?!? How stinking cute!!

To the unknown benefactor that made this possible, thank you.

Thank you for caring about the safety and well being of your community members. Thank you for being a part of the positive in Rockford.

The only question that remains this generous benefactor the same one responsible for paying off the Rock House Kids mortgage? Hmm...I guess we'll never know.


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