Another bizarre twist in the story of missing Wisconsin teen, Jayme Closs, was that this man was caught stealing inside her home the morning of her parents funeral.

ABC7 shares that "32-year-old Kyle Jaenke-Annis was arrested over the weekend at the home of James and Denise Closs."

Jaenke-Annis was discovered inside the Closs family home by authorities, after they received a complaint early Saturday morning. This was the same day of her parents funeral.

Kyle told police "that he found the house unlocked, walked in and took some of Jayme's clothing."

Mr. Jaenke-Annis has been charged with burglary, however he is not a suspect in the case of Jayme's abduction or her parents murders.

Really? Why not?

According to ABC7, Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald "did not say why Jaenke-Annis was cleared of any involvement in Jayme's disappearance."

I think it's kind of odd he was found in the Closs home and he was stealing Jayme's clothes don't you?

Was he cleared so that police can place surveillance on him? Hmmm.

I guess we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime the Barron County Police have placed a missing person's report out for Jayme Closs and a reward of $50,00 if anyone knows of her where-abouts.

As of Monday, October 29th, according to their Facebook page:Barron County Sheriff's Department, they have received over 2,000 tips and have closed over 1875 of them and are continuing to investigate this case to bring Jayme home.


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