How would you like a visit from a custom vehicle that is a combination of an outdoor movie screen and an ice cream truck?

I've always enjoyed the drive-in movie theater. My parents took me when I was a kid. Now, I take my family. As a child, I also remember going to a forest preserve to watch flicks in the summer. Something about watching them outside fascinated me.

My daughter graduated from high school this year. Of course, because of the pandemic, there wasn't an in-person ceremony. They had something on the internet. In an effort to try and make it special, I borrowed one of those inflatable screens and projector from a friend to show it in the backyard. Everyone loved it. I actually kept it for a couple of extra days and we watched some movies that way too. I wish I could buy one for myself but it's not in the budget right now.

What is it about an ice cream truck that drives everyone crazy. You hear that music from down the block. You immediately leap up, grab some money, and dash outside. You wait patiently at the curb waiting for it to reach your house. It doesn't matter what age, everyone is in for that kind of treat.

What if you could combine the two? You would have the most popular house in the neighborhood. Well, to purchase something like that could be pricey. What if you could get a visit from one and it didn't cost anything? That would be a dream come true.

According to,

"As part of an ongoing sweepstakes/giveaway, Blue Bunny has constructed a custom truck that serves up ice cream AND comes with an 11-foot by 6-foot movie screen. It can roll up to your driveway, get you some treats, and serve as your out-of-home theater all in one."

You don't have to ask me twice. Sign me up now. You can too, right HERE.

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