It has been a very interesting Monday out here in the internet streets.

Unless you live under a rock or have chosen to live your life off of social media (in which case, congrats) you know about the Facebook and Instagram outage that began at around 11AM on Monday morning. I'm writing this a little after 4, and the outage is still going on.

NOTE: In my opinion, the eradication of Facebook could be the first step in this country finally coming together. I am not and never have been a fan of the platform. A recent 60 Minutes segment with a Facebook whistleblower has only confirmed my feelings.

If this report doesn't convince you, may I suggest watching the Social Dilemma on Netflix, that will get you off social media for at least 6 hours.

Twitter, at least as of this afternoon, is still unaffected and is seeing an influx of traffic with people searching for a dopamine hit in any corner of the internet. Is Twitter perfect? Not by a long shot, but I've always felt much more in control of what I see than on Facebook or Instagram.

One of my favorite things on Twitter is when they list what is trending and where it is trending. Well, I look up and I see that s#!t is trending in Illinois and not the censored version that I just typed.

Joe Dredge
Joe Dredge

Now a lot of the time when you click on a trending subject, it immediately makes sense why it is trending.

Not with this poop. It seems to be just people tweeting from Illinois the word s--t over and over. There were multiple targets and not all of them were directed a Mark Zuckerberg. I would embed more of the tweets but I don't want to have to edit out all the swear words.

I've been on Twitter for 10 years and have never seen so much vulgarity on the bird app. Is this what conversation is like over on Facebook and Instagram? Just a bunch of people cussing about literally anything?

There's a reason why that platform should go down and this isn't even in the top 10 but a good place to start.

EDIT: It appears that Facebook has returned for some as I finished writing this. Maybe Twitter can return to the civilized place it has always been. We'll wait and see.

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