Cubs this, Cubs that. It's a constant as a White Sox fan. Being a Sox fan is like being the red-headed stepchild. I am one in real life, but I double down during baseball season. Cubs fans just don't get it. "Why do you hate the cubs so much"? Let me explain...

1. Chicago is known as a Cubs town. Like a Mets fan surely would agree, sharing a city is the worst. We hate this. Sure, we all agree it's really a Bears town first and foremost, but hearing this is a kick in the peanuts. Imagine being a twin and your parents always talk about your twin, but never about you. It's a lot like that.

2. The White Sox are always either forgotten or purposely left out. What are we? Some kind of second-rate expansion team? NO! We're the freakin' Chicago White Sox and we've been playing baseball in Chicago since 1900.

3. The last World Series in Chicago was won by the Cubs (2016) and not the Sox (2005). Ok. This really isn't a reason to hate the Cubs but it does annoy the crap out of us that we can't throw the '05 Series in their faces anymore.

Chicago White Sox Victory Parade
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4. Cubs fans look at Sox fans like we are beneath them. If looks could cut, walking around in Wrigleyville with Sox gear on would be the death of you. The last time I did this, people having conversations would literally stop speaking and glare at me as I walked by. Cubs fans don't hate the White Sox. They hate Sox fans. I didn't even antagonize them. I wanted to though, but why even waste my time?

5. Our FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat blow up for 8 months about Cubs crap. It's Opening Day and my timeline is filled with Cubs posts, GIFs, statuses, and other things I could care less about. Congrats, the first pitch of the season was a home run. Cool. What time do the Sox start?


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