Every New Year's many of us make resolutions to lose weight, eat right, exercise more, etc....

Have you ever stopped to wonder why we do this?

I mean, really who says we have to do this resolution making thing anyhow?

According to Mental Floss, we can thank the ancient Babylonians for this.


Over 4,000 years ago in Babylon "the earliest recorded celebration honoring the coming of a new year was held. For the Babylonians they "kicked things off in late March during the first new moon after the Spring Equinox. The festivities were dedicated to the rebirth of the sun god Marduk, the Babylonians made promises in order to get on the right side of all of their gods. They felt this would help them start the new year on the right foot."

Then the resolutions continued on into Rome where Julius Caesar "declared January 1 the first day of the year to honor the god of new beginnings, Janus. The Romans celebrated the New Year by offering sacrifices to Janus."

So thanks to the Babylonians and Romans we have a 4,000 year tradition that looms over us to make resolutions.

Now I don't feel so bad in not keeping some of them or, as I have lately, not make any. How about you?

I guess you could say that sometimes traditions are good and sometimes it's time to make new ones. So, if you've made resolutions or not, I want to wish you a healthy and happy 2018!


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