I know that I have terrible posture, especially when sitting at my desk or in the production studio.

I don't sit up straight with my back to chair. I'm always sitting on the edge of the seat, hunched over and just plain out right slouching.

If you find yourself doing that too, there is a simple device to help us with our posture.

It's called the Prana. It's a small device that's similar in size to a pedometer that you clip to your waist band. When you start to slouch it alerts you.

Not only does slouching look bad but did you know that it can contribute to muscular skeletal disease, which can come from breathing from only your chest instead of your diaphragm? I had no idea.?

If your resolution for 2015 is to take care of your yourself. Why not start with something as simple as sitting up properly.

The device will be out in January and it's for a small fee of $150.

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