Ever wonder why casinos in Las Vegas, and around the world, have so many lights? There's an amazing reason for it that effects you. Here's more. 


Imagine the Las Vegas Strip without neon lights.You can't do it. There's a very scientific study as to why those neon lights and music are there. Sure it looks great in vacation pictures, but there's a very specific reason all casinos over load on the lights.

According to DailyMail.com, a study found that the lights and music in a casino keep gamblers engaged, leading them to bigger risks at the tables.

"Gamblers typically indulge in risky behaviors when they perceive a big win is possible, as part of the high-risk, high-reward mindset. External psychological cues can prime people, making them more likely to opt for the risky decisions".

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media Photo

The sensory stimulation is intense. After experiencing it first hand on a Q98.5 Wake Up Crew trip to Vegas with our spouses. The bright lights of Treasure Island flash and glitter, and the traditional neon Cowboy signs are staples of Vegas. However, they add excitement. They add a desire to be a part of something bigger and more.

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media Photo

I dare you to find a casino without music, entertainment, or live bands playing. Again, you can't do it.  Like a line in one of those popular TV commercials, "It's Vegas, It's What They Do".

Steve Summers, Townsquare Media Photo

Ultimately, you make the decision as to gambling or not. However, the city is truly amazing in it's own right and the experience is priceless.  I'm always up for a trip to Vegas.

Yes, the lights did influence my decision.