You might notice something a bit different with the dress code of Rockford's city officials and their employees today.

They're all wearing jeans today, but why?

WREX shares that the City of Rockford, their employees and other businesses are recognizing "Denim Day" by wearing jeans to bring awareness of sexual assault.

Wearing "Denim for a Cause" day was created after a ludicrous ruling was made by Italian Supreme Court that stated "that it was impossible for a woman to be raped if her jeans were too tight and that she must have helped her rapist remove them."

Unbelievable. Have you ever read anything as sexist as that statement?

That just makes my blood boil. That ranks right up there with saying that a woman wearing tight jeans, or insert whatever type of clothing, was asking to be raped.

The city is asking everyone from their employees to all around the Forest City to wear denim today and use "hashtag #815 Denim Day."





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