It's been 4 months since the April 9th tornado, the town of Fairdale is still getting help from good citizens here and far, including the Chicago White Sox.

Pitcher David Robertson will be paying the town a visit this Thursday. According to WREX, Robertson along with volunteers from Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and his charitable organization, High Socks for Hope, will be there to help build a home for the family. High Socks will also provide furnishings for the home. As the family lost everything on that terrible day.

Wow! That is so cool. It gives me the goosebumps. To many the April 9th tornado is a remnant of the past, but to those that live in and around the community it's still very real. The residents of that town are still picking up the pieces to have a normal, or as close to normal life as they can.

If you haven't driven by Fairdale on Route 72 in while, maybe this week you should. Seeing those empty lots, brings it all back into perspective.

Although, I've never really watched much of the White Sox. I think I'm going to now. David Robertson, you just earned yourself a fan! Talk about doing a good deed. That is just super cool.

To learn more about David's "High Socks for Hope" organization, click here.

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