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CIting struggles related to Illinois' stay-at-home order, the owner of White Pines Resort announces they must close after more than three decades.

Elizabeth George may be the owner of White Pines Resort, but guests will recognize her after seeing his in the restaurant, at a dinner theater, helping at a wedding reception, in the gift store, or throughout the resort. She's one of the most hands-on owners I've ever worked with. Sadly, the financial burden caused by the COVID-19 pandemic hurt the resort tremendously. But the Illinois Governor's 5-phase reopening plan is "the nail in the coffin" for White Pines Resort's future.

In the video, there is no doubt this is one of the toughest decisions Beth has ever had to make, not only effecting her family's life but the lives of her staff. Beth explains how her profits work and how vendors have worked with her on deferred payments but bills still must be paid and the business' financial structure is bleeding out. On top of raw emotion, Beth explains the frustration she's experienced with not being able to publically comment on questions related when she can reopen without being chastised for "being it in for the money" like similar businesses have been accused of. In reality, she just wants to be able to accommodate guests, host weddings and events that were already booked, pay her staff and bills, and be able to support her own family. All of that does not fall under the category of being selfish or "in it for the money."

Beth announced she going to bankrupt herself in order to return deposits for weddings but will attempt to offset the loss by selling inventory from the gift shop at discount prices this Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, May 18, 19, and 20. And, in a manner proving her heart, Beth encourages White Pines Resort guests to visit Pine Creek Escape and Starved Rock Lodge. These nearby businesses are hoping to make it through this unprecedented time.

Here's Beth's full message.

To see what northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin businesses are still open or to let us know if someone needs to be added, check out this list.

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